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Monday, May 30, 2011
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For of you who have spent hours of your time searching for free samples without surveys only to either come up empty-handed or come across websites that are offering a free sample but then tack on some extra requirements that you are just not willing to do, I am here to show you several different methods that will allow you to ditch her hands on these freebies very easily and with very little risk on your part. The first thing that you must realize is that free sample are extremely popular among many individuals and when ever something becomes that popular it becomes saturated with sites, companies and various promotions that are less than legitimate. This is why you need to learn exactly where to look for these freebies in order to assure that you do not waste any of your precious time or get scammed in any way.

Before we discuss exactly how you should go about searching for free samples without surveys and how you can picture hands on a large amount and a constant flow of these freebies we will discuss exactly what it is that you should be avoiding.

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If you are having problems trying to find samples on your own. You can actually schedule an appointment with someone who will walk you through the steps. While we know this is a little bit odd, it might be worth a shot if you are really interested in getting your hands on some free samples.

Personal Information

One of the first and most important things that should always be avoided when searching for free samples online are websites that ask for personal information is not necessary to deliver that sample to your door. For instance, what is it that a company needs to deliver a free sample directly to you? They simply need your name and your address. Sometimes a company will ask for your e-mail address and sometimes they will ask you where it is that you heard about their free sample. These are all acceptable things to be asked of you in order for you to receive their freebie. On the other hand, if they ask for more personal information, such as, credit card information your Social Security number or your mother's maiden name there is no chance that this is a legitimate offer and you should leave this site immediately.

Shipping And Handling

Another sneaky trick that many illegitimate websites use is that they asked to charge you shipping and handling costs. Sure you can catch her hands on this free sample you only need to pay for shipping and handling. The truth is that for the most part the shipping and handling costs are far greater than the actual product is worth. This is how these sites make their money. Not to mention the fact that free sample should be completely free and you should not have to pay a dime. When it comes to free samples without surveys you should never have to pay or anything. If a company asks you to pay for anything and that includes shipping and handling, they are selling you something and not offering you a free sample. This is just something you should keep in mind when searching for free samples without surveys online.

Malware Downloads

The next day and we're going to discuss is what a website asks you to download something in order for you to claim your free sample without surveys. The truth is that there is no need for you to download anything in order to get your freebie if that company happens to be legitimate. Many times when they ask you to download something it is malware or a virus. This is something that you should avoid at all cost and could be extremely dangerous. This is why you should never download anything simply to get your hands on a free sample.

Surveys, Questionnaires And Sign-Ups

Surveys questionnaires and sign-ups oh my. This is something that we at free samples without surveys take very seriously. There are many companies that offer free samples but in order for you to request them you have to fill out surveys, questionnaires or sign up for various programs. These are the oldest scams out there when it comes to free samples. There is no way that you should ever have to fill out any surveys in order to get your freebie. If you come to his site and they ask you to fill out a short questionnaire, you can be sure that you will never receive a free sample and end up wasting hours of your precious time. If you come across a site and they ask you to fill out a survey turned back from where you came in to look elsewhere for freebies.

If It's Too Good To Be True...

The last thing you should keep in mind when searching for free samples without surveys online is the simple old-fashioned quote if it's too good to be true it probably is. What would you consider a valid free sample? Personally I think that free samples of shampoos, perfumes, certain snack foods or even laundry detergents are perfect examples of legitimate free samples. On the other hand, if the company is offering you a free iPod or a free $500 gift card you can be sure that it is some sort of scam. When you are searching for free samples without surveys online if it's too good to be true it probably is.

Now that you have a general idea of exactly what it is you should be looking for when it comes to avoiding certain scam sites we can begin discussing where you should go about searching for legitimate free samples. Believe it or not, although I have gone over several things that you should be weary of when searching for freebies there are many online websites that are actually offering legitimate free samples without surveys and if you know exactly where to look for them you can keep your mailbox filled to the brim with these freebies each and every day. This is an excellent way for you to try out the latest product lines without spending a dime. This is why so many individuals have become so fascinated with free samples. So, if you want to get there hands on some truly free samples without surveys, continue reading and below you will find three very important methods that can help you to accomplish this task.

Going To The Source

This is something that I have discussed in great detail on this site. The best possible place to search for free samples without surveys is going directly to the source. In order for you to understand the source of free samples, and I mean all free samples, you should know where they come from and why they exist. All free samples, at least those that are legitimate, come from manufacturers that are looking to promote their latest product lines. Over the last few years the Internet has blossomed into a tool that just about everyone uses on a daily basis to go shopping, gather information or just kill some time. Manufacturers are fully well aware of the fact that there is great potential when it comes to advertising on the World Wide Web. Over time an excellent source of advertising has come from free product samples. The reasoning behind this is the fact that there is no better way to promote your latest product line and grabbed the attention of potential customers and offering them a sample of your wares. Not only is this extremely effective but it has also proven to be much cheaper than conventional forms of advertising. This is why so many manufacturers have begun using free samples without surveys to promote their product lines.

So, what does this mean to you? How does this explain where it is you should go about searching for free samples? Though this method may take a bit of time, once you have gone through all of the steps finding free samples will become extremely easy and very efficient. The first thing you should do is list every single manufacturer of various products that you could possibly think of. Some examples of these companies would be Kellogg's, General Mills, Maybelline, cover girl, sun-kissed, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and even Canada dry. All of these companies are constantly coming out with new product lines and looking for ways to promote them. These promotions usually manifest themselves in the form of sales, coupons or of course free samples. In order to get your hands on the optimal amount of free samples without surveys you should make a list of every single manufacturer you could possibly think of. Once you have established this list begin visiting all of these companies websites and saving them in your favorites. Once you have visited these websites begin saving them as your favorites. You should search these websites for any promotions they may currently be offering. You will also want to search for any promotional clubs, customer appreciation clubs or newsletters that they may offer. These are absolutely free to sign up for and will keep you well informed when it comes to that companies latest promotions. This is a great way for you to get your hands on the latest and newest free product samples before they disappear. As you can clearly see if you are truly interested in getting your hands on free samples without surveys going directly to the source is not only the easiest way but also the most effective.

Using Freebie Forums To Get Your Samples

Hmmm.... Where can you find a large group of individuals who discuss ideas on topics that they all enjoy? There are cycles forums that allow each individual to write posts. Imagine how much information you can gather on where to locate free samples without surveys if you could join a community of hundreds or even thousands of people who are all searching for the same thing. Each time one of the individuals came across a free sample that is legitimate they would list it for the others to take advantage of. There are two main benefits to using this particular method. The first benefit is obvious, there would literally be hundreds to thousands of people all sharing information on this particular topic. The second benefit would be that you, as long as you check the forum frequently, would get your hands on those samples before they were no longer available. You see, many manufacturers who promote using free samples only have a limited amount of these freebies. If you wait too long you may not be able to request one for yourself. By joining a group of individuals in a form that relates to free samples you will be able to avoid this problem. As you can clearly see finding a freebie forum is in your best interest. Another very interesting fact would be that if you were to join a form that was large enough you would not have to go anywhere else for information on free samples without surveys as there would be so many individuals participating at you would pretty much gain access to all the information you could ever need to find these freebies.

So how do you go about finding a free sample related forum? I personally never recommend using search engines to search for free samples due to the fact that they will do usually deliver fairly illegitimate sites and you will waste a lot of your time sorting through them. On the other hand there really is no better way to find free sample related forums. As opposed to searching for free samples without surveys you would be searching for free samples plus the word forum. You will be amazed at how many forms are available online that revolve around this particular topic. Begin housing through the various forms until you find one that you feel is adequate for your particular needs. You will then become part of this community and contribute. Over time you will find it easier and easier to ditch her hands on free samples without surveys. Many of these communities are very tightknit and will help each other out when it comes to finding the newest free samples. Another benefit that can be gained from joining a free sample related forum would be that there are warnings about illegitimate offers. This means that when one of the members finds a scam offer or a very popular offer that turned out to be a legitimate they warn the rest of the community. It is easy to see why joining a free sample related forum is an excellent way and a perfect method to getting free samples without surveys easily and effectively.

Freebie Blogs

Although this next method is slightly less effective it is a method that I personally use non the less. If you are interested in getting as many free samples without surveys as possible you may want to begin searching for blogs that relate to that particular topic. There are many blogs that revolves completely around free samples and where to get them. A perfect example is a blog network called work at home moms or WAHM. These were network of blogs that not only deliver free samples but also various ways that you can save money when grocery shopping. If you can find one of these blogs then you could link into their network and get yourself access, completely free, too many different free samples offered by various sources. Although this may not be as much information as can be gained through the use of the free sample related forum, many of these women are experts when it comes to getting free samples and will often promote a free sample but you will not find anywhere else directly on their site. These women often also use giveaways as a form of promotion for their own sites. This is just another way for you to get your hands on free samples without surveys easily and effectively.

Now that you understand both the negative aspects and the positive aspects of searching for free samples online, you will hopefully be able to find more free samples for yourself. Just remember all of the methods listed above and all of the things that you should look out for when searching for free samples without surveys online and you should have no trouble whatsoever keeping your mailbox filled to the brim each and every day with the latest free samples. You may also want to look at the various free samples listed on this site which can be easily found by using the navigational sidebar. I hope that this article helps you all discover all of the benefits that can be gained through the use of free samples.

FYI, Walmart stopped their sampling program back in 2018 but there are actually other ways you can score free samples from them. Get more info right here.


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