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Friday, July 16, 2010
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Its been a while since I've posted a really good set of free samples without surveys. For this, I apologize. However, I plan on making up for it with this post. As you all may no finding free stuff without surveys online can sometimes be a bit difficult. This is why you need to stick with what you know. This blog may provide tips on how to find free samples online and how to avoid getting scammed but we also provide real, direct links to actual free samples direct from the manufacturer or a reputable retailer. This leads me to my point about sticking with what you know. For example Walmart provides free samples that are updated daily. Notice the Walmart Samples link at the top of this page. I have made a small list of all the samples provided on that site for your convenience. The Walmart sample page has a wide array of various samples from many different manufacturers. Anything from free samples of vitamins to condoms or even snacks and other foods. This is a great way to get yourself some freebies without having to worry about being scammed or having to fill out tedious surveys. Now that the update is out of the way, lets get to those freebies.

Origins provides organic beauty products made of all natural substances. They are offering the public a free sample of their face serum. This serum will help to clear up all sorts of problems that you may be suffering from. For example, Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Face Serum will help defend your skin from redness, dryness, wrinkles and over-sensitivity. Oh an yes, you read that right this serum sample is made from mushrooms. This beauty sample has received 4.5 out of 5 stars for customer approval and 8 out 10 people how tried this freebie said that they would seriously consider buying it. If you are interested in trying out this sample for yourself you can find it on the Origins Website. As always, this is a totally free samples with no surveys, strings attached, or commitments of any kind. Try it out, your skin will thank you and you have nothing to loose.

You will all probably recognize this manufacturers name, Redken. Redken produces high end hair and beauty supplies much like Paul Mitchel and other companies like it. They have come out with a new 2 in 1 shampoo for men, sorry ladies, you will have to wait for the next freebie. This samples is total free and well worth getting. Buy using the Redken Clean Spice 2in1 Shampoo, your hair will feel stronger, cleaner and well polished. This shampoo will appeal to the man that doesn't want to bother with conditioner. Perfect for the man that cares about what he looks like but doesn't have the time to spend hours grooming himself. Of course the best part about this new men's shampoo is that they are giving out free samples. If you would like to try out this freebie, you can find it at the Redken Website. As I said before only legitimate freebies here. Directly from the manufacturer. Enjoy.

Here a tasty little free sample for Johnsonville sausage. Now I can't claim whether or not this freebie will taste as good as it looks but I can't wait to get mine. Johnsonville is offering a free sample of their new product, Johnsaonville Deli Bites. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you like sausage, try it out. If you like free samples without surveys, try it out. If you like em both, well then you should really try em out! If you are interested in this free sample, you can get it at the Johnsonville Website.

Jovan Satisfaction is a fragrance company that specializes in sensual scents. They are offering a free samples of their perfume and cologne. That's right, for all of you ladies that felt left out when I brought you there Redken shampoo for men freebie, here is your chance. When you are ordering this free sample, you can choose to either have then send you a freebie of perfume or cologne. I'm not sure if they will let you try both of them but it's worth a try. If you are interested in trying out these new scents for free, you can find them at the Javon Satisfaction Website.

I hope that you enjoyed all of the free samples without surveys and that you will come back and visit often. Don't forget to check out the Walmart Free Samples Page on this site for even more freebies and great deals, or our ever popular Free Makeup Samples Without Surveys Enjoy all the freebies!


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