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Wednesday, February 10, 2010
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To day we will be talking about how all of you expecting moms can get free vouchers for baby formula and other products that you will need when your little one arrives. What is a free voucher? Well, essentially, a voucher is like a coupon or check that can be used to purchase a product or service. Like the fancy definition? Anyway, you will notice, even all you breast feeders, that formula comes in handy when you are feeding your baby. Something else you may have noticed, is that baby formula is extremely expensive. I mean we are talking over $20 per container, and that's just for the powdered stuff. Free vouchers will help you to save money on all your baby needs. Like I said before, even if you are breast feeding, you never know when some baby formula will come in handy. If you are unsure whether or not you will need baby formula, I suggest that you sign up for these offers. These free vouchers are all absolutely free and will only take minutes to sign up for. Below I will list the companies that are giving out these free vouchers and let you know exactly what you will need to do to get yours.

There are three companies that are well known for giving away free vouchers for their products, Enfamil, Similac and Nestle Good Start. When you become pregnant it is a good idea to sign up for all the programs these companies have to offer. You will receive free vouchers, baby coupons and many other free gifts. These baby freebies will begin to come even before your baby is born, if you sign up soon enough, and will keep coming for years. This is a great, easy way to save money on many things that your baby will need.

Enfamil – Follow the link to Enfamil's site. Once you are there, click on the blue button that says register now, right underneath the “Get Up to $250 in FREE Gifts and Offers!”. There are three steps involved in signing up for their program. Once you are done, you just need to sit back and wait for your free vouchers to arrive.

Similac – This site is very easy to navigate. The sign up is right on the first page. Enter your name and email and it will bring you to the two part sign up. Enter in all the info, it is pretty much self-explanatory, and you are well on your way to receiving your free vouchers.

Good Start – There are a lot of ways that you can become easily confused on this site, a lot of links. The one that you are looking for is located to the right of the page. It says “Over $147 in savings and offers” enter you email and you will be brought to the sign up page.

I know that many of you are a bit hesitant in using your real email address when signing up for freebies. I assure you that these are all reputable companies and will not spam you in anyway. These offers all come directly from the manufacturers and not a third party company. Your email address and personal information is safe. These programs really work and you will get a ton of free vouchers delivered to your door over time. In the beginning you will get some really great vouchers/coupons/samples then it will begin to dwindle over time. Either way this is a really great deal for expecting mothers or anyone who knows someone who is about to be a mother.

If anyone reading this knows of any other free samples of baby stuff or formula related freebies/coupons, share with the group. You can add to this post by commenting below. For all of you reading, don't forget to check the comments in all my posts, many times other readers have left some really great information or links to freebies and samples. Oh, and don't worry I check each and every link before I approve them, so you are safe.

I hope you enjoy the free vouchers, good luck with your baby and don't forget to come back soon for more free samples without surveys.


thebotnet147407679 said...
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Gladiator_28 said...

Yeeeh Good article I love babies and I think that everyone will appreciate this article.

Melissa Shoaf said...

Not only do I love babies...I love free stuff as well... it's good to get free samples once in a acquaints you better with their products, and helps consumers like us decide if we want to buy more.... Thanks for the post!!!

omekimai said...

I think free vouchers will help my wife to save more money. She is going to be a mother. Thank you for sharing

Ruso said...

Very interesting to know that there are lot of free samples available here and we can choose the best.

Anonymous said...

Nice article and i like the baby picture which looks awsome.Nice tips provided in the article is enjoyable.

™SaRa said...

i love every things about baby and i hope have a baby sooon
thank you for this informative article

bebeshki kolichki said...

I sooo love this! I hope I could get more vouchers in the future because it helps so much with moms like me.

is there an area in this blog where I could exchange ideas with other moms too? I would love to hear their experiences as first time mom as well. thanks.

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