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Thursday, February 04, 2010
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This post is going to be about free mineral makeup samples and where to get them. I have gathered a few links to various sites that are giving out these freebies. Before I list these sites, I would just like to say, What a pain in the butt! I have never seen so many sites advertising free samples, in the title of their posts, that didn't actually have free samples. I don't mean that they ran out or anything like that, I mean they never had any samples to begin with. I found four sites that are genuinely offering free mineral makeup samples and I had to go through at least 20 sites to find those. I was going to try and get you guys a much bigger list. I figured I would put in a few hours of research and come out with 5 to 10 free samples. Well, that didn't happen, I suppose that I should be happy with the few freebies I did find...

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate sites that give out these free samples, sites like Walmart and others like it, are constantly providing legitimate free samples that are easy to get. I am just disgusted with websites and blogs claiming to have free samples just to get you in the door, so to speak. Then they cram a bunch of ads down your throat. Ads are OK, heck I have ads on this site, but lying is not! If you don't have the freebies, don't say that ya do!!!

I just want you guys to know that every free sample on this site is absolutely free. No money needed! No surveys to fill out! Free in the purest sense of the word!!! OK, now that I got that out of my system... here are the free mineral makeup samples I found.

Signature Minerals is offering free samples of their mineral makeup kits. These kits consist of 6 different shades. You are allowed 1 free sample of each shade. If you want more of these sampler kits, it will cost you $2.50 a piece. Each customer is allowed to have a total of 6 freebies per lifetime. They are confident that once you try their mineral makeup, you will come back for more. If you are interested in this freebie, stop by their site. Signature Minerals.

Ocean Mist Cosmetics is offer a free mineral makeup sample that is very similar to the freebie I listed above. It is pretty much the same deal. 1 free mineral makeup kit per customer and only for new potential customers. If you would like a second kit, it will cost you $3.00 plus shipping. Still a great deal and if you want to get your hands on it, visit Ocean Mist Cosmetics.

This next freebie isn't totally free but I decided to list it anyway, probably because I was hitting the proverbial wall when searching for these free mineral makeup samples. They have three different shades of mineral makeup and they are free as long as you pay $1.50 in shipping costs. So I will list this offer as a semi-freebie. If you want to pay $1.50 to try out this mineral makeup you can visit Vallie Cosmetics.

This last offer is from an unknown company that I found. They are offering a free sample of mineral makeup. If you are interested, you can take a look, Free Sample.

Well, those are all the mineral samples that I came across. I may try again another time, hopefully with more success. Remember to check back here often for more free samples without surveys. Interested in some other makeup samples? Take a look at my post, Free Makeup Samples Without Surveys. Thanks for visiting.


Paula said...

Great post about free mineral makeup samples and where to get them. You have listed several places sites where one can obtain free samples, how great is that? Even the one that costs $1.50 is worth a look. Thank you!

Melissa Shoaf said...

I've tried some samples in the past, and i like how they come free, but they spam you to death... This might be good... so surveys? I'll go give it a try...

james said...

This is very informative article about free mineral makeup samples with many links. Thanks for posting nice article.

SRI said...

These site is all about, free mineral makeup samples . Author has listed some sites that are giving out free mineral sample. I am sure this articles helps out many of us.

Enjie said...

Give free sample product to customer is nice step of marketing. We should do this to make trust from our customer

arifansari said...

Good, The concept is much appreciable. There is no hassle of surveys, questionaire etc. to get a free sample. thanks

Sid said...

A great site with a lot of useful information. I never knew most of the information given. Thanks for posting and keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Coconut Bay Cosmetics is giving away a 3 gram jar of mineral veil right now.

Anonymous said...

Purely You Minerals gives away free samples if you contact them. If you don't mind them sent in baggies instead of jars then you don't even have to pay for shipping!

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