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Sunday, February 07, 2010
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Today at free samples without surveys, I will be sharing links to free cosmetics. Most of these links are very simple to sign up for. They will usually only need you to enter your name, address and email address, that's it. Often certain sites will require that you sign up for their mailing lists or clubs in order to request your free cosmetics. This is well worth your time and will only take a few minutes.

As I said before in my posts, Free Makeup Samples Without Surveys and Free Mineral Makeup Samples, free cosmetics are often hard to come by. It takes much longer, by far, to gather links to makeup samples than it does for any other type of legitimate free samples without surveys. You would think that there would be more makeup companies pushing their products with freebies, but you would be wrong.

I challenge you to find sites offering free cosmetics samples, it may be harder than you think, and send them to me. I will in turn post them on this site and share them with everyone else who is searching for these freebies. Now, to get to what you have all been waiting for, the free cosmetics!

Loreal Paris isn't offering free cosmetic samples per say, but by signing up as one of their members you will receive emails whenever they offer new freebies. This means that whenever Loreal posts a free makeup samples on their site, you will be the first to know. I have personally been a member of Loreal's for quite some time and you would be surprised how often they provide freebies. Often you would never know about them, they are often posted on an inner page of their site that is not accessible unless you have a direct link. This link will be provided to you in the email that they send. All in all, joining this particular company's mailing list is very much worth your while.

Mary Kay is offering a free sample of their mineral makeup. Now, I have mentioned this in other posts, but apparently this offer is still going strong. I figured that I would post it yet again for all of you that missed it a few months back. This is a simple request, name, address, so one and so forth. It will only take seconds to request this free sample of cosmetics.

Covergirl is offering a free sample of their Advanced Radiance makeup line. This offer is only good for new members, so if your have already joined Covergirl's club, you are not eligible. Along with your free cosmetics, you will also get a $2 coupon that can be used towards these particular products. Joining Covergirl, much like joining Loreal, has many benefits, aside from your initial freebie. You will get emails whenever they start a new campaign, whether it is a free cosmetic sample or a great deal on their makeup. Again, this is another big name makeup manufacturer that is well worth joining.

Bath and Body Works is offering a free travel size sample of their beauty supplies when you join their site... This offer is limited a time, once it is over you will need to make a $5 purchase to get the free sample. Even if you missed the freebie, save the link and use it the next time you are planning on shopping at Bath and Body Works. You may as well get the sample if you are going to be buying from them anyway.

Light Breeze Spa and Salon is offering a free wooden comb. All you need to do is enter in the usually information and the freebie will be delivered to you. Simple and easy, this sample will only take seconds to request.

Like I said before, free cosmetics are few and far apart. Sometimes your best bet, when looking for free cosmetic samples, is to sign up with as many main stream makeup companies as you can think of. Please, if any of you out there come across any cosmetic samples, or any other samples for that matter, share them with us. Shoot me an email and I will post these freebies as soon as possible.


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how to get free cosmetics samples.

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